An Artist's Sketchbook: The Vila Viçosa triptych attributed to painter Garcia Fernandes-Material iconographic and stylistic influences and underdrawing study

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  • Vanessa Antunes (Coordenador)
  • Maria Luísa Carvalho
  • Vitor Serrão




Vila Viçosa triptych, attributed to Garcia Fernandes and made around 1538 is a work of great importance for understanding the influence of this artist in Portuguese painting. With its constituent materials and pictorial technique this triptych is revealed as a crucial study source concerning the underdrawing and the first author intentions when compared to the final pictorial result. A probable vigorous underdrawing of these paintings, with the existence of different types of drawing, as well as abandoned iconographic themes, or formal alterations of compositions. The iconographic and stylistic study evidences North and south-European influences in the choice and representation of the themes. In the present study, it will be possible to compare the materials and the making of the underdrawing with other works attributed to Garcia Fernandes.

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